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Início Blog Blog Luxury Wall Clocks That Everyone Should Know About.

Luxury Wall Clocks That Everyone Should Know About.

Well, are you thinking about getting an upgrade for your regular wall clock? The clock is an utmost important tool that helps you know the time. Surely people have a smartphone and smart watches but nothing beats a wall clock. We all must have that moment in our lives where when we first enter the house, the first place our eyes direct towards is in the direction of the clock. Wall Clocks are a classic piece of Home decor.

Depending on the interior of the place a wall can add a sense of design and volume to your basic wall. Nowadays the wall clocks which have been produced look basic and are not cut with any complicated machine work. Vintage wall clocks are used by some famous brands which everyone should be aware of and they contain some classic pieces of machine work in the clock.

What aspects associate a brand with luxury?

A brand is the image of the company which is how an organization maintains its reputation among the masses and the buyer community. When someone associates a brand with luxury, it means that the brand has worked its way up the top by providing world-class services, and good products, and has backed the support of the market. The same applies to luxury Wall Clock brands which have built their time for the quality products and services that they offer to their customers. Many rely on luxury brands and are willing to spend that extra money to get their home associated with the luxury that the brand has to offer.

Here are some of the 5 Wall Clock brands that you should know about.

Top brands in the Wall Clock industry have made their name by catering to many households and maintaining their reputation for manufacturing high-quality Wall Clocks. Knowing about branded Wall Clocks will give you insights and a comparison basis to find Wall Clocks that are best for your home or your office.

1) Rolex

Rolex is one of the leading brands in producing luxury watches. You might be wondering from when Rolex started producing wall clocks, Rolex isn’t directly involved in the manufacturing of the wall clock but has collaborated with companies that produce wall clocks and has helped share their Technology.

, Luxury Wall Clocks That Everyone Should Know About.

2) Patek Philippe

The oldest brand which produces wall clocks goes back to 1839. Maybe very few pieces of wall clocks may be produced or manufactured by the company. So if you get your hands on a wall clock by Patek Philippe.

, Luxury Wall Clocks That Everyone Should Know About.

3) Breguets

The company was founded by Abraham Louis Breguet, who is one of the most renowned watchmakers. There are many people who are fans of collecting watches from Breguets. The clock comes with a chronometer and a thermometer and with time and calendar.

, Luxury Wall Clocks That Everyone Should Know About.

4) Omega

Though Omega does not offer a variety of other watch styles. They are limited to desk and wall clocks. It is difficult to find someone actually selling the Omega Wall Clock, the brand has worked with NASA and was appointed to be the official timekeeper of Britain’s Royal force.

, Luxury Wall Clocks That Everyone Should Know About.

5) Audemars Piguets

Audemars Piguets are known to produce sports watches and The Royal Oak Watch has become the brand’s statement. The watch is one of a kind and is made from steel. You can find a variety of Royal oaks easily available.

, Luxury Wall Clocks That Everyone Should Know About.

6) Titan

Titan Wall Clocks is one of the most selling Watch Clocks in India and the world. They are known for its simplistic design and the quality of Wall Clocks that it has to offer. You can find Titan wall clocks easily in the market at the best price.

, Luxury Wall Clocks That Everyone Should Know About.


HITO has taken a notch for the wall clock mechanism by muting the ticking sounds completely. It has used a sweeping mechanism that prevents the ticking sound and accurately displays the time. This has made HITO rise in popularity and has become one of the recommended brands for Wall Clocks.

, Luxury Wall Clocks That Everyone Should Know About.

8) Seiko

Seiko is a Japanese Wall Clock brand. Many of the Wall Clock collections by Seiko are known to be simplistic, classic, and stylish. It incorporates modern needs in its design which includes compactness, choice of design, and materials making it a great wall clock.

, Luxury Wall Clocks That Everyone Should Know About.

9) Svinz

This brand is slightly astray from the analog Wall Clock option. If you are looking for a digital Wall Clock then Svinz is a preferable option. It has built its name due to the sturdy build and best designs that it has to offer.

, Luxury Wall Clocks That Everyone Should Know About.

10) Mark Feldstein

As mentioned above are just some of the statement pieces that can blend well with the interior of your house. At you can buy vintage wall clocks at reasonable prices. Not only this you can find Watches from big brands like Rolex available at at a cheaper price. You can also customize the products as per your desire. Our craftsmen are very artistic and talented. When it comes to International buyers we ship wall clocks across many countries and deliver them in time. Choosing to buy watches from us can be beneficial and cost-effective.

, Luxury Wall Clocks That Everyone Should Know About.

The Bottom Line

While there are a ton of Wall Clock brands out there, many prefer the Relógio de parede Rolex brand. This is because Rolex Wall Clock brands have incorporated everything in its manufacturing upholding its name as a luxury brand even in 2022. Rolex Wall Clock can become a symbol of status in your home, allowing you to add elements in your interiors that project a positive outlook. Hence, buying a Rolex Wall clock from is highly recommended due to the authenticity, quality, and value that it possesses. Therefore, your quest to find the best luxury Wall Clock brand comes to an end as has got you covered with the best Rolex Wall Clock collection at the best price.

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