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Início Blog Blog We Need To Talk About Wall Clock Trends In 2022

We Need To Talk About Wall Clock Trends In 2022

Changes in life are mandatory and with the start of 2022, there is a need to bring updates and changes in your lifestyle too. Lifestyle changes can be easily brought about by building new habits and spending more time by yourself. One of the ways you build yourself is by doing the things you like, which includes decorating your home. Decorating your home includes making small changes and making it look what you imagine it to be. Clocks are an important part of day-to-day life and knowledge to design them and incorporate them with your taste is very important.

We have mentioned some of the trending wall clock designs.

Vintage-Natural look

If you own an Oak pendulum, you can use them and incorporate them while doing the interior of your living room. If you plan to have wooden shelves and cabinets, the Oak Pendulum blends well and gives an aesthetic look to your home.

, We Need To Talk About Wall Clock Trends In 2022


Bringing the Retro Back

Who does not love making materials at home? Most of our time throughout the pandemic we have focused on making things ourselves by using DIYs. Antiques are thriving, if you are a watch collector who is interested in collecting watches, this is the right time you show off your antique watches collection and incorporate them.

, We Need To Talk About Wall Clock Trends In 2022


Oversized Clocks are popular

If you have a big Accent wall with the neutral color you can choose to buy Oversized wall clock designs, they can be a bold choice for some, but if you are someone who likes bold style you can always choose such big clocks and go overboard with them.

, We Need To Talk About Wall Clock Trends In 2022

Use Trends that Compliment your style

Choosing a Clock is like an investment and it needs to be right. Buying a cheap clock won’t make anything better, instead buying a clock that is cheap, selecting a clock that is expensive and will be used for a long time. There are many outlets that provide branded watches. is one such website where you can easily buy wall clocks from many famous brands like Rolex.

Why Buy Rolex Wall Clocks?

Rolex Clocks are a class in themselves, if you are a watch collector you must know how much Rolex watches signify to them. Rolex is one of the oldest brands of watches ever since its establishment it has been one of the favorite brands of many. Rolex is known for its quality and precision, rightfully said so Rolex watches are different compared to others and can easily be distinguished.

Rolex wall Clock designs are inspired by heavy Machinery work and a bold choice of colors. Rolex has been using Chronograph which allows for measuring humidity and temperature. This feature is combined with the solid build of the clock by stainless steel and heavy plastic blend with UV trademarks used for numbers which make the clock easily readable at night.

How have Wall Clocks survived the epitome of technological advancements?

Wall Clocks are still in use even today despite smart home devices, digital clocks, and more. People still prefer analog wall clocks at home as they are a trusted gadget used for a long-time. Every individual has been brought up with an analog wall clock in the house.

You gradually grow up looking at the time to reach school, to reach college, to reach office, and to reach important milestones like weddings in your life. Hence, wall clocks will always have a special place in the hearts of everyone and are still in use despite advancements in technology.

What are people expecting from Wall Clocks in 2022?

The expectation of people is evolving each year, especially from its most loved home gadgets which are Wall Clocks. Here are some of the things that people are expecting from Wall Clocks. which have defined the trends for Wall Clocks.

1) Uniqueness of Design

The Uniqueness of Design is an aspect that many customers are seeking. People these days don’t wish for mainstream Wall Clock designs that can be purchased easily from Amazon. The narrative has now changed for people to get access to Wall Clocks with unique designs.

2) Interior Compatibility

Besides only looking at the style of the Wall Clock, people are also looking for wall clocks that are quite compatible with their interiors. This has become the latest trend and the norm which governs the buying decision of the customers.

3) Added Functionalities

People have evolved their expectations and are seeking Wall Clock designs that can do more than display time. They require added functionalities like the integration of thermometers, and more. However, the design of the wall clock precedes the added functionality aspect of Wall Clocks.

4) Compact Size

Compact Size is an aspect that many Wall Clock buyers are looking at these days. This is because constricted spaces and the need for a modern design have governed this aspect. Hence, it has become one of the latest trends to buy Wall Clock.

5) Durability

Durability has remained to be one of the consistent aspects that customers look for while buying a Wall Clock. Of course, many people wish to buy Wall Clocks that can survive for a longer period of time, requiring less maintenance. Durability is more than just a trend but an attribute that cannot be compromised in Wall Clocks.

6) Simple yet Stylish Design

The latest trend is that people are looking for designs that do not scream for attention. They want designs that effortlessly make the Wall Clock look stylish and expensive. Hence, such stylish and simple design has become the narrative in purchasing Wall Clocks.

The Bottom Line

There are many aspects that you need to consider while buying Wall Clocks. However, you also need to understand the latest trends to help you make the right decision to buy Wall Clocks while you will not record. has got you covered with this and only hosts Wall Clock collections that have been manufactured keeping in mind the latest trends.

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