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Início Blog Blog Where To Put Wall Clock In The Living Room?

Where To Put Wall Clock In The Living Room?

While decorating our living space, we always must have got a question in our head, where to place the clock? Where it’s easily accessible to everyone and anyone can see it? Clocks tell more than time, they can be used as a wall piece. Clocks being the primary piece in the living room, it is important that the clock is located in the right place.

Top 5 Best Places To Hang Your Wall Clock Besides Your Living Room

Wall Clocks are a versatile piece of home decor that make look great wherever it’s placed. However, there are certain locations at your home or your office where the wall clock will look beautiful and enhance the beauty of your living space. Here are some of the top 5 best places that you should consider hanging a Wall clock to redefine your space with art and style;

1) Living Room

The Living Room is one of the most recommended places to hang your wall clock. Besides being a top recommendation, it is vital that you hang a Wall Clock in the living room. The reason is not solely for enhancing the design of your space but because it gives you easy access to check out the time. You should hang a wall clock in your living room which can be easily seen when you are sitting on the sofa or watching TV. Hence, place your Wall Clock accordingly.

2) Dining Room

Besides adding fancy lights or improving the ambiance of the dining room, it also makes a great place to hang your Rolex Wall Clock. When you eat dinner with your family, you can check the time at ease without accessing your phone and breaking the table rules. Hence, you can engage in deeper conversations with your family without the distraction and interruption of the phone. Therefore, it’s a great area at your home to place your Wall Clock.

3) Bedroom

You might wonder what is the purpose of the Wall clock in the bedroom when all you do is sleep and fold your sheets. That’s where you are wrong! Hanging a stylish Wall Clock in your room will allow you to look at the time when you wake up and keep you motivated to get things done on time without procrastinating. Hence, it is the best place to keep your Wall Clock as it will govern your habits.

4) The Kitchen

Well, in the kitchen there is a deadline to get things done. For instance, you or your domestic helper will need to cook dinner or lunch on time. Besides cooking, you will also have other tasks and cooking is just of your to-do things for the day. Installing a Wall Clock in your kitchen will allow you to gain a perspective on time and help you stay on your toes and make you feel productive for the day.

5) The Lobby

Lastly, don’t miss out on hanging a Wall Clock in your lobby. Those who are waiting or having a discussion with you can easily look at the time and work things out on a schedule. Besides, waiting for someone without a clock can get annoying. You can easily avoid this by hanging a wall clock in your lobby.

Where Should The Clock Be Positioned At?

Now that you are aware of where to hang your Wall Clock, it is time for you to learn some of the tips of positioning your Wall Clock correctly and narrowed down the suggested spaces in the interior of your home. Here we have listed some places where you can place the wall clock:

Above The Sitting Area

Placing the clock above the sitting area in the living room is preferable as the couches help in providing more symmetry and using a clock in this area makes it easy to view time. One should use minimalistic clocks while selecting wall clocks to place them in this position.

Next to The Shelf

You can use the symmetry offered by shelves and console tables to your advantage. Depending upon the shape of the shelf, buy a clock that compliments the shelf. A showpiece shelf and bookshelf are beneficial and using an oversized clock appeals more visually to people.

Opposite Direction of Doorways

Another good place where you can place a wall clock is in the opposite direction of the doorway. Using clocks that are dark and small can be beneficial. A simple clock will also make this area look good.

The Mantle

If your living room contains a mantle, then it’s already a focal point of attraction, choose a clock that compliments the mantle. There are two ways in which you can use the clock here either by using a big oversized clock above the mantle or a small Clock on the mantle. With the clock, you can also add some small decorative pieces too which include photo frames and more.

Points To Remember While Hanging The Clock

While hanging the clock in the living room, there are some points you should remember which include:

  • Hang the wall above the ground, a good distance will be around 2 meters above the ground. A good height will be based on the height of the average height of the people staying in the house. Hang the Wall clock in such a way that you do not have to stretch your neck or strain your eyes to see it.
  • The Couch should be a good place to put the Wall Clock. Place it above the couch.
  • Use the symmetry of the shelves to correctly place the Wall Clock.
  • Avoid placing the clock next to the door and windows.

If you are someone who is interested in purchasing vintage clocks designed and branded, is the perfect place for you where you can easily buy from a wide variety of designs from branded companies. You can even customize the wall clock as per your need.

The Bottom Line

You best know your home and your taste. Hence, before deciding on where to place your Wall Clock, look back within yourself and navigate the part of your home which you know makes an ideal spot to hang the wall clock. Therefore, you are the key in this matter and these tips and suggestions will give you some perspective to place your Wall Clock rightly.

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