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Seinäkellojen muuttuminen merkityksettömiksi on todella tuskallista katsottavaa (Tajuatko?). Best Wall Clock näki, että kehittyneen teknologian ja tyyliteltyjen ja digitalisoitujen rannekellojen myötä seinäkellot ovat menettäneet kunnioituksensa. Olemme kuitenkin täällä sytyttämässä kipinän uudelleen. Ei enää antiikin näköisiä seinäkelloja, vaan tervehdi moderneja, mittatilaustyönä tehtyjä, merkkisiä seinäkelloja aina Rolexeista Omegoihin. Hanki itsellesi hienoimmat seinäkellot jo tänään kirjautumalla osoitteeseen ja tekemällä tilauksesi.

      Designs Of Omega

      Omega is a Swiss brand known for its luxury watches. It is iconic in every sense and carries a rich horological heritage, which goes back to the late 19th century. We took these classy designs by Omega and redesigned them for wall clocks.

      Omega’s SpeedMaster MoonWatch Series is available with us and it is one of most respected and highly acclaimed watches from Omega. We have 6 great designs to go for your wall.

      Miksi valita paras seinäkello?

      Why should you choose an online store over an offline one when you can simply get the wall clock anywhere near you? Well, the styles and designs we have in store are unmatched. No offline market offers the brands we do and for the prices as low as ours too. Along with that we also offer:

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      • Ilmainen näyte - We do not want you to spend money on something you aren’t certain about, which is why we send a free sample before you make the actual purchase. Please send Best Wall Clock an email or contact our customer care team if you wish to have one.

      Our U.S.P

      One thing that makes us different from the entire market is that all our clocks are homemade. Nothing is factory manufactured but custom made for every buyer.


      More than business, it is about a culture we truly care about and don’t want to see it die. Wall clocks are an essential and important part of our lives and if stylizing them would bring them back in the trend then Best Wall Clock is all here for it. Get yours today on