A man is meticulously working on an oversized custom wall clock with exposed gears, surrounded by a wall covered in technical drawings and clock parts. Various components are scattered on a nearby table, showcasing his dedication to detail and craftsmanship.

Tips for Designing a Custom Wall Clock to Order From Us

Choosing the perfect wall clock can be extremely difficult; it should express your style while matching the interior decor. It needs to blend in with the decoration while also capturing the attention of those who may gaze at it, it needs to be big enough as a statement piece but not too big to look out of place. The wall clock needs to be magnificent but also minimalist, it needs to exude glamour while not being too bold. 

Although the presence of a myriad of wall clocks should make choosing the perfect wall clock for your personalised space easier, you do not want mass-produced clocks. You want a statement piece, a unique clock, that has a history and speaks eagerly for your brilliant sense of style.

For our customers who want to stand out from the rest of the crowd, we offer all that you desire in a wall clock and much more. The simple answer is a customised wall clock. You might be wondering if this is too much of a hassle for a simple clock. Well, no good thing comes in life easily. You can contact us on WhatsApp, and our expert will assist you through the process of customising your Wall Clock. And if you follow the simple tips for designing your custom wall clock, you’ll also see that it’s much easier than anticipated. 

Design the Style

The style of the clock will express you as a person. Whether you want your Wall Clock to be rustic and vintage, minimalist and contemporary, or big and bold like you, all will come down to this. Choose wisely, keeping the theme of your personal space in mind. You can get creative here. Think about the aesthetic you desire.

Select the Material for Your Wall Clock

You can choose from a wide range of materials available from our collection for the face and exterior of your clock. You can select any material from glass, acrylic, metal, and wood that best fits your requirements. You will be amazed at the final product because all of the materials at BestWallClocks are of the highest calibre. Choosing the right material will determine how prominent your wall clock will be.

Choose the Wall Clock’s Size

Determine where you intend to hang your personalised wall clock and select the appropriate size. Consider whether you need a large, classic piece or a smaller one based on the available space. Determine whether you want your wall clock to stand out as a focal point on your gorgeous wall or to be complemented by other accessories and blend in with the decor. Do you want your wall clock to stand out on its own? Establish what you require from your wall clock and choose the appropriate size by measuring the available space and how big your ideal wall clock should be. A 10-inch wall clock with a diameter of 10 inches and a thickness of 1.75 inches, as well as a 14-inch wall clock with a thickness of 1.88 inches, are the ideal size for personalised wall clocks. But if required, we can make adjustments to meet your needs. 

Design the Face

The clock dial serves as the Wall Clock’s Face. It includes the clock’s round face or body and the digits—you can choose Roman numerals, numbers, or straight lines to keep it simple. Ideally, the colour of the digits should be in contrast with the dial for better visibility. You may express your creativity by incorporating images of your loved ones or images from your favourite movies, logos, well-known quotes, designs, or abstract art—basically, anything you could want in your ideal wall clock. Choose the colour of the face that complements your interior. 

Pick the Hands of the Wall Clock

You can choose from a number of the exquisite hands present in our collection at BestWallClock. We offer numerous colours and designs for the Clock Hands to help you achieve the vision for your prized Wall Clock. Ensure the hands you want on your dial are readable against the background. Most Wall Clocks’ hands are the same colour as the digits and in contrast with the background. 

Select the clock mechanism that works best for you

Your choice of clock mechanism will affect both the clock’s longevity and accuracy in telling time. These days, the majority of wall clocks are driven by quartz crystals, which oscillate to create an accurate signal that is used to keep time. Therefore, the clocks that run on quartz crystals are accurate. For this reason, we offer a Quartz-powered mechanism that ensures longevity, functionality and precise time-keeping to our loyal customers. 

Review the Final Design

Once you are done and have a final product at hand, you can review your design and check whether the final product is up to your liking and standard. You can make any relevant changes if necessary to help you achieve the vision of that perfect wall clock you and your personalised space so desperately want. If you have approved and finalised your design, let us assure you, the difficult part is over and that you are in good hands.

Our experts at BestWallClock will instantly get started on your customised wall-clock and deliver you the final product in no time. The impressive quality of the materials used in the making, attention to detail and precise replication of your ideas will leave you amazed, for our workers at BestWallClock are no less than magicians! The premium-quality materials used will boast of elegance and finesse whilst being the head-turner that was missing from your space. Choose BestWallClock and find out what all the fuss is about our clocks and why our customised wall clocks are the best available in the market, by a wide margin. If you require satisfaction, accurate replication of your envisioned Wall Clock and experts to skilfully guide you through the process of acquiring it, we are gladly here to serve you.

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