Are rolex wall clock real ?

Are Rolex Wall Clocks Real?

Rolex is synonymous with luxury watches. But do they also make wall clocks? Let’s uncover the truth about Rolex wall clocks – are they real or imposters?

When you think of Rolex, dazzling gold and silver watches come to mind. Their timepieces are symbols of precision, status and wealth. But did you know some companies also produce Rolex wall clocks?

These eye-catching clocks feature the iconic Rolex crown logo. At first glance, they appear to be authentic Rolex products. But are Rolex wall clocks real or fake?

In this article, we’ll explore the history of Rolex wall clocks. You’ll learn whether Rolex actually makes these clocks, or if they are counterfeits. We’ll also reveal where you can buy legitimate Rolex-style wall clocks.

Does Rolex Make Wall Clocks?

Rolex is renowned for luxury wristwatches. The company pioneered the first waterproof watch – the Oyster – in 1926. Since then, Rolex timepieces have become globally coveted status symbols.

But Rolex itself does not manufacture wall clocks. The company focuses solely on its legendary wristwatches. So any “Rolex” wall clock you see is not an official Rolex product.

That said, Rolex does permit certain manufacturers to produce wall clocks under its brand name. These companies must follow strict guidelines to create quality clocks that capture the Rolex essence.

So while Rolex itself does not make wall clocks, some stunning “Rolex” clocks are authorized by the company. Let’s learn more about these exclusive timepieces.

History of Rolex Wall Clocks

Rolex-branded wall clocks have an intriguing history. Although Rolex never sold clocks, accounts suggest they did experiment with them.

Back in the early 1900s, Rolex co-founder Hans Wilsdorf had a vision – to make his watches globally iconic. By the 1920s, Rolex timepieces gained renown as reliable, precise status symbols.

Wilsdorf was an ingenious marketer. His strategies made Rolex synonymous with luxury and achievement. As the brand grew internationally, Wilsdorf considered expanding into wall clocks.

Vintage Rolex documents reveal draft designs for wall clocks and mantle clocks. These sleek, elegant clocks mirrored popular Rolex watch models. Prototypes were developed but never officially released.

Rolex continued focusing on its core business – watches. But the dream of Rolex clocks remained. In the 1990s, Rolex started licensing its name to select clockmakers.

This allowed companies to produce stunning Rolex wall clocks using original designs. Today, these clocks capture the Rolex image, while letting Rolex focus on watchmaking.

Now, let’s explore the variety of authorized Rolex wall clocks available!

Types of Rolex Wall Clocks

Several companies have licensing agreements to create Rolex wall clocks. These exquisite clocks make a refined addition to any home or office.

There are two main types of Rolex wall clocks:

  • Analog Rolex wall clocks – Feature hour and minute hands with a second hand. Analog clocks deliver a classic, timeless look.
  • Digital Rolex wall clocks – Display the time in illuminated digital numbers. Digital clocks offer a contemporary style.

Within these types, you’ll find a diverse selection of Rolex clock designs. Options include:

  • Day-Date Rolex wall clock – Based on the iconic Rolex Day-Date “Presidential” watch. Elegant fluted bezel with Roman numerals.
GMT Master 2 RL-11
  • Daytona Rolex wall clock – Modeled after the high-performance Rolex Daytona chronograph. Bold tachymeter bezel and chronograph subdials.

The finest Rolex wall clocks are crafted from premium materials like solid brass. Superior quality movements ensure accurate timekeeping. While styles vary, meticulous detail reflects Rolex’s unmatched reputation.

Next, let’s review how to identify authentic Rolex wall clocks.

How to Identify an Authentic Rolex Wall Clock

When shopping for a Rolex wall clock, make sure it’s the real deal. Follow these tips to spot counterfeit clocks:

  • Examine the Rolex branding – Genuine Rolex clocks feature prominent engraving of the Rolex name and crown logo. Fakes often have incorrectly shaped logos.
  • Review materials and craftsmanship – Authentic Rolex clocks are made with heavy, high-grade metal alloys and top-notch finishing. Fakes tend to be lightweight and shoddily finished.
  • Inspect clock features – Real Rolex clocks accurately replicate watch details like watch hands, bezels and chronograph subdials. Fakes typically have poorly executed features.
  • Check for certificates – Licensed Rolex clockmakers provide certificates of authenticity. Lack of an authorized certificate indicates a fake.

Only a handful of manufacturers hold licenses to produce Rolex wall clocks. Buying directly from a reputable dealer is the best way to guarantee you’re getting a real Rolex clock.

Avoid sellers offering deep discounts or sales too good to be true. Stick with trusted merchants to find an authentic, heirloom quality Rolex wall clock.

Where to Buy a Genuine Rolex Wall Clock

Finding a licensed Rolex wall clock requires a little research. We recommend these top dealers of authentic Rolex clocks:

  • BESTWALLCLOCK – Our premium Rolex-style clocks. Browse our collection of meticulously crafted Rolex Submariner, Daytona and GMT-Master clocks.
  • Rolex Clock Company – As an official Rolex licensee, Rolex Clock Company creates museum grade clocks inspired by vintage Rolex designs.
  • BeckerTime – This famous dealer specializes in pre-owned Rolex watches and also stocks authentic vintage Rolex clocks.
  • eBay sellers – Search for top-rated sellers offering Rolex clocks with verifiable certificates. Read seller reviews carefully.

For an heirloom timepiece that captures Rolex’s incomparable reputation, choose an authorized Rolex wall clock.

Display your passion for Rolex with an elegant Rolex wall clock showcasing the legendary crown logo. Let us help you find the perfect Rolex clock for your home or office!


Rolex wall clocks convey prestige and refinement. But are they really made by Rolex? In truth, Rolex does not manufacture clocks – they focus solely on watches.

That said, Rolex does permit carefully chosen companies to create Rolex-branded clocks. These stunning timepieces are made under license using Rolex’s name, logo, and original Rolex clock designs.

When shopping for a Rolex wall clock, ensure authenticity by buying from reputable dealers like BESTWALLCLOCK. Avoid bargains that seem too good to be true. With an authorized Rolex clock on your wall, you’ll display the pinnacle of luxury and accuracy.

Contact us today for assistance finding an heirloom-quality Rolex wall clock that reflects your passion for the iconic Rolex brand. We offer free shipping and a full 1-year warranty on every purchase. Display your unique style with an official Rolex-licensed wall clock from BESTWALLCLOCK!

The allure of Rolex extends far beyond luxury timepieces. This iconic brand has come to represent prestige, status, and achievement. Rolex’s unmatched reputation stems from its pioneering innovations, meticulous craftsmanship, and recognizable style. For those who admire Rolex, a Rolex-themed wall clock offers the perfect decoration.

Rolex wall clocks allow you to proudly display the famed Rolex crown logo in your home or office. They become eye-catching status symbols that project refinement and class. Unlike an ordinary mass-produced clock, an authorized Rolex wall clock conveys a sense of ambition, accomplishment, and personal flair.

Owning an authentic Rolex clock demonstrates your appreciation for fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each element, from the polished hands to the flawless watch crystals, must meet Rolex’s rigorous quality standards. Rolex does not compromise – its clocks offer the same commitment to perfection as Rolex watches.

For many Rolex fans, these stunning clocks evoke nostalgia and history. Vintage Rolex clock designs based on early prototypes allow owners to own a “lost” piece of Rolex history. Their retro styling provides a window into Rolex’s past innovations and Hans Wilsdorf’s creative vision. Modern collectors can own a clock that likely never made it into proper production decades ago.

Beyond their nostalgic appeal, many Rolex wall clocks focus on specific watch collections. Clocks mimicking the Submariner, GMT-Master, Daytona, and other Rolex watches are like scale models honoring those famous timepieces. The Daytona clock allows you to appreciate the watch’s iconic Oyster bracelet, tachymeter bezel, and chronograph subdials – even without wearing the watch itself.

Rolex clocks crafted by authorized Rolex clockmakers must meet several strict guidelines:

Only permitted design elements, logos, fonts, materials, and branding are allowed. Anything deviating from Rolex’s style guide is prohibited. Rolex reviews and approves designs before production begins. This ensures the clocks match Rolex’s desired aesthetics. Matte dials with raised polished bezels authentically replicate iconic Rolex watch dials. It is mandatory for clocks to keep precise time and be constructed from heavy, high-quality solid brass. Official branding like “Rolex” engravings and “T Swiss T” signatures must be executed perfectly. By following these stringent rules, authorized clockmakers develop truly exceptional Rolex clocks. Each clock blends modern Rolex traits with vintage styling. This allows you to benefit from Rolex’s contemporary innovations while still appreciating Rolex’s rich history.

For many collectors, Rolex clocks offer an accessible alternative to buying one of Rolex’s renowned watches. The substantial cost of some Rolex timepieces puts them out of reach for casual buyers. But an authentic Rolex wall clock provides a more affordable way to bring Rolex’s legacy into your surroundings. You can display a symbol of a globally revered brand for a fraction of the cost of a Rolex watch.

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