What was the last time you thought of getting a wall clock? Well, they are considered old fashioned with every year passing and their redemption was important. The Best Wall Clock has taken the matter into our own hands. Bringing back, the wall clocks with style and charisma that the new trends need. These are not your simple offline market grandpa wall clocks, but some of the best designs and brands that are ready to go on the wall and make a style statement of their own.

Designs Of Breitling

Breitling is an iconic Swiss wrist watch brand and one of the most recognized and respected manufacturers in the industry. We have taken some of their iconic designs and re-invented them for bigger clocks that would be perfect for walls.

The Avenger Series from Breitling is highly praised and we bring you top 3 pieces of those designs to go for your wall. We have black, white and yellow available and would be adding more to the collection.

Why Choose The Best Wall Clock?

You can simply go to an offline store and get a wall clock, but would that match what Best Wall Clock is bringing to the table in terms of design, quality and prices? No way. Here are some reasons why you should purchase from Best Wall Clock.

  • Fast Worldwide Delivery – We ship all the clocks around the globe, so you and carefreely order the clock for yourself or your loved ones, even if they live across countries.
  • Reasonable Rates – Considering the quality we offer we have tried to keep the prices as low as possible so that everyone can truly enjoy the essence of wall clocks again. Even with low prices, the quality is never compromised.
  • Secure Payment Modes – As we get orders from all over the world, we have included all types of payment modes ranging from cards to PayPal. These modes are completely secure, and we guarantee that.
  • 24/7 Customer Support – When you ship worldwide, there is no time where the sun sets for you, therefore we have a 24 hours support line open for you and your queries and problems. Please call us without any hesitation at any time.
  • Free Sample – Send us an email or give us a call, and a free sample would be delivered to your doorstep. This is for you to check what you are exactly buying and only then make the final purchase. You would love it surely.

Our Specialty

There are various reasons we listed above for why you should purchase from us. However, there is one that we did not list because it deserves its special spot. Every clock sold on is homemade. With top quality material and professional hands at work, homemade clocks are delivered worldwide.


We are not here just to sell clocks and make profit. Our purpose relies beyond that. We are here to breathe new life into the wall clock fashion. It is something that should be valued and loved and if it needs modern designs and luxury brands, then be it. The Best Wall Clock is here to serve you with it. Get your hands on the best of wall clocks today itself. Log in to and get yours too.