1. About the goods Due to lighting, monitor and other issues, the picture would be somewhat different from the object in some color deviation. Also, about breakables goods, we can’t guarantee that they are all in good condition when you receive them, but we’ll try our best to protect them and avoid them being damaged in the transit.

2. Delivery Time Generally speaking, it will takes 5 days to deliver the goods, and will arrive in destination within 15 days (which is determined by distance). If you ordered two or more items, you may receive them in multiple boxes on different days, because of varying item availability and shipping locations.

Choose from two shipping options:
Standard Shipping ( 9-12 business days )
Expedited Shipping ( 5-8 business days ) 

Note: When signing for the package, pls check the package in front of delivery courier, if the package has problem, such as the damage on the box or lost the package, pls write on the list and refuse to sign for it. At the same time, pls contact us in time, then we can deal with return formalities as soon as possible.

3. Shipping & Order Confirmations Shortly after placing your order, you’ll receive an email confirming that we’ve received your order. You’ll receive a second email when your order has shipped.