This guide explains how to repair hands that have been damaged in transit. Before reading this guide, make sure you have read the first section on how to disassemble your wall clock.Β 

Easy Steps To Fix Hands On A Clock

If your hand is loose, skip step 1 and 2

1. Align all the hands of your clock together, and they should look like this: separate them, leaving enough space between them.

how to fix hands on a clock

2. If you observe one of the hands touching each other or bent as shown below, you have found the cause of your clock stop/non-timekeeping.

3. The first step is to make sure that the hands are securely attached to the center pin by gently pressing the attachment point. Tip: Press with equal pressure with both hands, and be gentle! Hands are really light and fragile to work well, so control your super strength.

4. Once you’re sure your hands are secure, if you still notice the hands touching, gently bend them to straighten them up. Tip: Again, remember to be gentle and apply equal pressure on both sides to make sure your hands don’t twist. Slow, steady and gentle is the recipe.

5. Done! Have the hands go through a complete cycle to make sure they don’t touch at any point. The next section will teach you how to do a quick reset of your clock to make sure it is working properly.

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