This guide explains how to repair reassemble your wall clock. Before reading this guide, make sure you have read the first section on how to disassemble your wall clock. 

1. Clean the dial and the internal surface of the glass with a soft, clean microfiber cloth. Be careful not to bend the hands. If there are stains or fingerprints that are difficult to remove, use a cloth soaked in alcohol or a small drop of dishwashing liquid to remove it.

2. Place the glass in the slot with the frame. Make sure you look at it from above so that you don’t have perspective disturbances. If your clock have a cyclops, ensure it is well in front of the date!

3. Place the bezel, checking that the glass does not move and that the 12 o’clock markings are in line.
Holding the bezel and dial together to ensure that the alignment does not change, flip the clock over.

4. Place the clips in their correct position, making sure they are evenly spaced. Tip: Replace 2 clips first, then check the alignment of the dial and bezel. This way, even if the alignment is not good, you can adjust it slightly before attaching the last two clips.

5. Place the back panel cover and screws and you’re done!  – Tip: Make sure that the hole for hanging your clock is in the right position.

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